yoga studio


​                                   ​ The Berlin Meditation Group 

~meets every Monday evening at 7pm

~ there is no fee for class but donations are welcome 

~ you will learn and experience different styles of meditation

and techniques to help relieve stress,

sleep better, create a clearer mind and the list goes on!

MONDAYS  2016 

1ST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH "Intro to meditation"~exploring what works best for you and self exploration with a guided mediation led by Christopher Beards

2ND Acupuncture and Meditation"~ ELISA BENHKS  acu points and meditation! 

 3RD Yoga Nidra led by Jessica Hagy~ "yogic sleep" 

4TH Singing Bowls 17 bowls, a gong, sound drum and voice to lead you into a deeply relaxed state so the body can return to peace...amazing experience!