March 28-31 Level 1~Sound Healing Intensive

May 17-19  Level 2 ~Aerial Sound, Vocal Toning and Cymatics




-EAT DRINK OM (5/17 only)



***March 29-31 Bare foot Yoga and Massage
Fri 6-10 (4) 
Sat 11-9 (10)
Sun 11-8(9)
Total of 23 hours 

May 17-19 
Fri 5-10 (5) Eat Drink Om location
Sat 11-9 (10) Barefoot Yoga location
Sun 11-8 (9)Barefoot Yoga location
24 hours


On site hours above as well as an additional 25 hours 
Of private practice, logging, online learning at your leisure.  I am passionate about the quality and amount of knowledge I share with you so that you can feel comfortable and have the experience in using this ancient and beautiful healing modality properly and with sanctity of the modality.  I will work with everyone’s schedules the best that I can. Looking to have a small group of 8-10 participants as to keep the learning environment sacred for each students own learning and growth process on this journey.


 ~down payment to hold the spot of $444 (or full amount) due by 
March 27th

-second payment of $444 due by May 15th

WHO should take this training?

     Aside form everyone one with cells it is used in the following environments and growing each day!

    ~yoga studios/meditation & retreat centers

    ~ massage, acupuncture, reiki, energy work

    ~ athletics & physical therapy

​    ~Pschiatric field/mental heath programs

    ~addiction recovery centers

    ~ hospitals/chronic pain facilities/hospice

    ~Special Education and alternative Schools

You will learn the following but not limited to...
-History of Sound/music/vocal toning
-Understanding the applied practices of Sound Therapy
-intro to neuroscience of Sound and frequencies
-science behind Sound
-Cymatics (visualization of sound/"waves")
-vocal toning and Shamanic sounds to heal
-how to find your personal dna note
-how to find your personal life song 
-how sound/music affects and heals the 4 bodies
- understanding the clinical practice of sound
-understandings the meditative practice of Sound
-understanding the spiritual
Practice of sound

~understanding the physical practice of sound
- cells cells cells! How sound effects cells!
- sound and chronic disease

-safety and care while working with clients
Will have field trips as well and bring real clients in for practicum studies. ❤️❤️❤️ This will be an amazing journey that you will find your own transformations, growth and learning in an environment of a loving new Sound Family!! 

To secure your spot please call Chrissy at 443 373 7069 or email 


yoga studio

ABOUT Chrissy Ehrhart 

80 Hour Certification Program in Sound Healing and Shamanic Toning this Spring in beautiful West Chester Pa! If you are serious in furthering your healing modalities for self or clients and want to incorporate and understand the ancient and modern medicinal use of Sound/music/vibration/frequency as a healing modality then contact Chrissy Ehrhart at or via phone 4433737069 Serious Inquires ONLY..... I will only take 8-10 participants to keep the sanctity of the learning process and to allow a safe space for our students to experience their own growth and shifts as we dive deep into the healing effects of sound! Chrissy is a certified and trained Sound Practitioner who’s passion is healing the 4 bodies as a whole, college education in Psychology and over 20 years in the field, she is An Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master, has received the Peruvian Munayki rites, has studied Sound all over the US, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and Shamanic Journeys, is a Shamanic Practitioner by initiation and course studies, studied regressive Sound therapy for trauma and anxiety, has applied sound, meditation, epi genetics and reiki to heal herself of her own personal genetic disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (symptom free not cured), reversed one of her 3 heart conditions and healed an ongoing kidney disorder....she lives her teachings and has healed her inner child by doing so and wants to share the knowledge and sacredness of Sound with her students!