CHRISSY EHRHART is trained and certified  in sound healing and sound therapy, an ancient healing modality using musical vibrational instruments such as crystal and Himalayan Bowls, drums, bells and voice that will bring the receiver into a deep relaxation passing into the mind's thetic state while vibrations of sound will travel through the body creating harmonious balance of the body and mind's cells.  Sound therapy nourishes the body's nerve endings reducing chronic pain and inflammation while lowering heart rate, blood pressure and toxic levels in the body.  Stored emotions and energy blockages may be released and all while listening to a beautiful orchestra of sound embracing your every cell!

   Sound healing is used in clinical, personal and hospital settings in the US and all around the world.....including University of Maryland!

~"For the first time I didn't feel my chronic back pain" J.A.

~"An emotional weight has been lifted from me " K.G.

~ "I could clear my mind from anxiety which I haven't been able to do in a long time" R.A.

~"Euphoric!!" J.

~"I feel like Ive had an hour massage"


Chrissy is seeing clients on a regular basis ~one time treatment or weekly treatments available

~Group Sound Baths are available!

~Bridal Baths are key in keeping the wedding stress levels down and what a treat!

 Call 443 373 7069 to schedule your treatment ....

1 Hour Aerial Sound Healing Session $80

1 Hour Sound Experience on Massage table  $60

1 hour Reiki/Sound $60

45 mins $45

30 mins $30 (clinical appointments only)

Sound Baths are $30 per person for a min of 5 people in a group or $40 for groups of 3~4... $100 FOR A COUPLES SESSION......this is an 75 min session....Happy Healing!


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